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Learn about your body using our INTELigent Approach™

The key to total body wellness is to have INTEL about your body. Why make major changes to your schedule, diet and wellness regiment if you don't have data that ensures your efforts will be successful? You cannot have body intelligence without having INTEL first. We have created a program that allows us to understand your genetics, body composition and more so we can create new habits, nutritional plans and regiments that lead to optimal wellness.


What you will learn about yourself through our INTELigent Approach  :
   How your body manages weight
  Indicators for various health risks
   Allergies to certain food groups such as dairy, gluten, nuts and more.
   Most effective methods of exercise and movement


How It Works

Our INTELigent approach is broken down into three simple steps:

Step 1: You'll schedule an appointment for Dr. Mette to swab your cheek for a sample of your DNA.

Step 2: Dr. Mette will have special lab tests and studies conducted on your DNA, and will thoroughly review the results.

Step 3: Dr. Mette will sit down with you, go over the results and create a custom optimal wellness game plan for you to achieve the exact results you're looking for.

Reasons why our patients are taking advantage of our INTELigent Approach:
   To improve immunity
  To manage their weight and physique
   To have an understanding of any food sensitivities that may be affecting them
   To have a game plan for their long term health and health related goals
   To improve how they feel, move and eat